The Scholarly Works award program supports the mission of The National Huguenot Society: “to perpetuate the memory, the spirit, and the deeds of the men and women in France called Huguenots.” Under our bylaws the Awards Committee makes recommendations to the Board of General Officers and the Annual Congress annually.

The National Huguenot Society issues a call each year for submission of scholarship about any aspect of Huguenot history in a paper, article, thesis, dissertation, movie, video production, or book, produced in the current calendar year. The work must be available in English.

The Committee of Awards has established a submission process:

  1. A copy of the publication must be submitted to the Committee Chair for consideration by February 1 of the year following publication; though alternatively, the Chair may request that the President General authorize the purchase of the work. The date of the work is determined by the year of its copyright.
  2. The Committee of Awards reviews the publications and selects the leading candidate, which it recommends to the Board of General Officers at its Annual Congress in the year after its publication date.
  3. Upon approval of the Board $1,000 is awarded.

If you would like to submit a scholarly work for consideration, please, email particulars to the Chair of the Awards Committee (), who will provide you with detailed instructions.