The following books are suggested for learning more about Huguenot history.  Many of these books can be found in your local, genealogical, and state lending libraries, and some are available for purchase through online bookstores such as, Barnes and Noble, or  Genealogical Publishing Company. Others are available on the Internet Archive Website ( and are linked below.

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The following are substantial articles found in The Cross of Languedoc

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Adams, Peter Morgan, “Captain Abraham Markoe” (Spring 2022)
Adams, Peter Morgan, “Captain Abraham Markoe” (Spring 2023)
Adams, Peter Morgan, “Captain Abraham Markoe and General George Washington: Two Huguenot Descendants Contributing to the Founding of America” (Fall 2022)
Adams, Peter Morgan, “French Alliance Day Celebration in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania” (Fall 2021)
Adams, Peter Morgan, “Henry Laurens – Huguenot Descendant Who Influence the Favorable Outcome of the American Revolution” (Fall 2009)
Adams, Peter Morgan, “Huguenot and Huguenot Descendants of Distinction” (Fall 2010)
Adams, Peter Morgan, “The Importance of Huguenot Flags and Their History” (Fall 2020)
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Chew, Carol and Dan, “Finding Huguenot Sites in Florida” (January 2007)
Cook, Seth, “Essay on Jefferson Davis” (Spring 2015)
Cowan, Jack, “‘Paris is Well Worth a Mass’: Patriot or Traitor? First Huguenot King of France (King Henry IV)” (Spring 2022)
Cowan, Jack, “The Influence of Huguenots on American Democracy” (Spring 2019)
Cowan, Jack, “Who Was Jean Calvin?”
Cowan, Jack, “Who Were the Huguenots” (Fall 2019)
Crommelin, Miff, “Potential New Crommelin Family Member from Canada Announces New Resources” (Fall 2017)
Crossan, Christine B., “Cape Town, South Africa Huguenot Monument” (Spring 2018)
Crossan, Jr., David Adair, “Huguenot Immigration to America” (Fall 2022)
Crossan, William, “The Perseverance of the Huguenots” (Spring 2023)
Crossan, William, “Swamp Fox” (Fall 2022)
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de Bry, John, “Historical Archaeology” (Fall 2018)
Du Priest, Travis, “Huguenot Grave of National Importance Dedicated” (Spring 2008)
DuBois, Frances Maitland, “The Just Shall Live by Faith” (Fall 2014)
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Gagne, Jacques, “Genealogical News from Jacques Gagne in Canada” (Fall 2017)
Harrower, Anita, “Huguenot-Colonial Woman” (Spring 2004)
Hartman, Carol King, “Tercentennial Huguenot Half-Dollar” (Spring 2012)
Hood, John J., “Seventeen Century Mannheim: A Visionary City and Its Visionary Churches” (Fall 2018)
Hood, John J., “The German Huguenot Center in Bad Karlshafen, Germany” (Fall 2016)
Hood, John J., “The Refugee Church of Frankenthal, Germany” (Spring 2017)
Irvine, Rev. Peter B., “The Genevan Psalter: Hymn Book of the Huguenots” (Spring 2016)
Jones, Joseph R., “Huguenots: The Musical” (Fall 2015)
Kallal, Jeannine Sheldon, “The Medicis and the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre” (Spring 2020)
Kidd, Tim “The Huguenots of Spitalfields” (Fall 2022)
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Le Mot, Mme., “Bon Mots: Exploring the Language of our Heritage: Walloons” (Fall 2011)
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Lorenz, Janice Murphy, “Augustus D. Julliard, Founder of the Julliard School” (Fall 2013)
Lorenz, Janice Murphy, “Benjamin Latrobe, America’s First Professional Architect” (Spring 2011)
Lorenz, Janice Murphy, “Commemorating the Huguenot Influence on America Via Jacksonville, Florida” (Fall 2012)
Lorenz, Janice Murphy, “Could This Sunken Marble Monument, from a Just-discovered Florida Shipwreck, belonging to Huguenot Captain Jean Ribault’s Lost Ship from 1565?”
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Lorenz, Janice Murphy, “Huguenots in the Revolutionary War” (Fall 2017)
Lorenz, Janice Murphy, “Huguenots, the Plague and ‘Vials of Wrath'” (Fall 2020)
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Lorenz, Janice Murphy, “The Huguenot Connection to Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty” (Fall 2011)
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Lorenz, Janice Murphy, “Théodore-Agrippa D’Aubigné: A Huguenot Of Distinction And Grandfather To Madame De Mainteon, Louis XIV’s Second Wife” (Fall 2010)
Lorenz, Janice Murphy, “Tulips” (Spring 2010)
Lorenz, Janice Murphy, “What Would Calvin Have Thought about the Tulip as a Symbol?” (Spring 2010)
Lorenz, Janice Murphy, “Work of Huguenot Descendants Who Were Famous English Silversmiths on Exhibit at The National Museum for Women in the Arts, Washington DC” (Spring 2012)
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