The National Huguenot Society is pleased to award a prize of one thousand dollars ($1,000) in the spring of each year to the author of what is judged by the Awards Committee to be the best original work of scholarship covering any aspect of the Huguenot movement. The work may be in the form of a paper, article, thesis, dissertation, movie, video production, or book produced in the calendar year proceeding the announcement of the award.

To be considered for the 2022 award which will be announced at the April 2023 Meeting of the Board of General Officers, a submission must be produced during the period January 1, 2022, through December 31, 2022. Additionally, in order to allow sufficient time for review and judging, a copy of the work must be submitted to, and received by, The National Huguenot Society not later than February 1, 2023. The scholarly work submitted must be translated into English.

Entries will normally be retained after judging and kept in the library of the National Huguenot Society in San Antonio, Texas. They will, however, be returned upon request of the submitter.

The decision of the judges is final.

Please click here and contact the Chairman of the Awards Committee via e-mail at for further information or for instructions on where to mail submissions.

Past Award Winners (in the year(s) awarded)

2022 Davis, Stephen M., The French Huguenots and Wars of Religion: Three Centuries of Resistance for Freedom of Conscience. Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock (2021).

2021 Stanwood, Owen The Global Refuge: Huguenots in the Age of Empire. Oxford University Press (2020).

2018 Lougee, Carolyn Chappell Facing the Revocation: Huguenot Families, Faith, and the King’s Will. Oxford University Press (2017).

2017 Working, Randal Carter The Visual Theology of the Huguenots: Towards an Architectural Iconology of Early Modern French Protestantism, 1535 to 1623. Lutterworth Press (2016).

2016 Bates, Susan Baldwin, and Harriott Cheves Leland, French Santee. Huguenot Society of South Carolina (2015).

2015 Garrioch, David The Huguenots of Paris and the Coming of Religious Freedom 1685-1789. Cambridge University Press (2014).

2014 Treasure, Geoffrey The Huguenots. Yale University Press (2013).

2013 Jennings, Neil, and Margaret Jones, A Biography of Samuel Chappuzeau, a Seventeenth Century French Huguenot Playwright, Scholar, Traveler, and Preacher: An Encyclopedic Life. Edwin Mellen Press (2012).

2012 Smith, Greg The Puritans of France—Huguenot Memory and Identity in 19th Century America. National Huguenot Society (master’s thesis, 2012; pub. 2017)

2011 Lambert, David The Protestant International and the Huguenot Migration to Virginia. Peter Lang, Inc. (2009).

2010 Randall, Catharine From a Far Country Camisards and Huguenots in the Atlantic World. University of Georgia Press (2009).

2009 Major, Ph.D., David C., and John S. Major, Ph.D., A Huguenot on the Hackensack: David Demarest and His Legacy. Fairleigh Dickinson University Press (2007).

2008-9 Harvey, Miles Painter in a Savage Land: The Strange Saga of the First European Artist in North America. New York: Random House (2008), and
Murdoch, Tessa, ed., Beyond the Border: Huguenot Goldsmiths in Northern Europe and North America/ London: Sussex Academic Press (2008).

2006-7 Van Ruymbeke, Bertrand From New Babylon to Eden: The Huguenots and their Migration to Colonial South Carolina. Columbia, SC: University of South Carolina Press (2006).

2005-6 Fouse, Gary Erlangan: An American’s History Of A German Town. Lanham, MD: University Press of America (2004).

2004-5 Sunshine, Glenn S. Reforming French Protestantism: The Development of Huguenot Ecclesiastical Institutions, 1557-1572. Kirksville, MO: Truman State University Press (2003)

2003-4 Beagle, Jonathan McClellan “Remembering Peter Faneuil: Yankees, Huguenots, and Ethnicity in Boston, 1743—1900” New England Quarterly (September 2002)