The ancestral listing on our website is an “open listing” which means it is periodically updated from time to time as new information becomes available. The names displayed are those for which The National Huguenot Society has received and has on file in its archives documented evidence proving, according to normally accepted genealogical standards, that the individual listed was indeed a French Huguenot during the period of 1520-1787. If such proof and documentation has not been verified by and placed on file with The National Huguenot Society, then the Huguenot name will not be listed on our site.

A lengthy review of all genealogical information on file was completed in September 2011. That review resulted – after a lot of thought and consultation – in many names being dropped from our listings due to lack of good documentation. Upon receipt of better documentation those ancestors will again be listed on this website. Existing members whose membership is based on any ancestral names or lines that were dropped are not adversely affected, and they remain members in good standing of The National Huguenot Society subject to timely payment of dues. However, anyone seeking to join the Society or claim as a supplemental ancestor a name which is not on the list, including any that were once accepted but have been dropped, will need to provide appropriate documentation to validate that the ancestor was, in fact, a French Huguenot. At such time the Huguenot name will be added to the listing and considered a “qualified” French Huguenot for purposes of membership in this Society.

The Register of Qualified Huguenot Ancestors of The National Huguenot Society, Fifth Edition 2012, together with any supplements or addenda that have been or might be issued, provides the definitive listing of proven Huguenot ancestors whose descendants have joined The National Huguenot Society over the years. Proof of descent from any such Huguenot ancestor listed in this book or, alternatively, providing documentation that an ancestor not listed in the publication was a French Huguenot during the period 1520-1787 will qualify an individual for membership.

Thus, the ancestral listing on our site is not – and never will be – a complete and exhaustive list of all French Huguenots. It is instead a subset of the population of French Huguenots which are ancestors of our past and present members. Nevertheless the listing can be useful in genealogical research and for the purpose of establishing eligibility for membership in The National Huguenot Society.