To become a member, you’ll need to obtain an application from our the website for the national society or from our state registrar.  (For the specifics about becoming a member, refer to the section on “Membership” on the site for the national society).  Once you have received your application, you’ll need to gather the proof that you need to prove your descent from a Huguenot refugee.


Our state registrar is Nancy Carr.  You can reach her at:




For local help with your application, see if one of our “Guardian Angels” lives near you.





A number of our members have agreed to act as “Guardian Angels”.  These are people who will be glad to meet with you at your local library and help you with your application.  Feel free to contact the one that lives near you. 


Chattanooga, TN

Sarah Roach, 3oaks@charter.net


Cleveland, TN

John Hood, wvhoodhunter@yahoo.com


Northwest Tennessee

Mary Ann Claxton, claxtonma@gmail.com





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