Grave MarkersClassic Bronze Resources LLC of Cincinnati, Ohio, is offering two different sizes of solid bronze grave markers custom cast exclusively for members of The National Huguenot Society. A picture of the finished grave marker is provided just to the left.

Differing only in size, each grave marker is cast in solid bronze. The insignia of The National Huguenot Society is satin-finished in a gold-like bronze. Recessed and highlighted in royal blue are the words “National Huguenot Society” at the top while the “Cross of Languedoc” and Dove adorn the remainder of the plaque. The finished product has a rich jewelry-like appearance which serves as a simple but elegant reminder of the member’s affiliation with The National Huguenot Society. The grave markers come complete with hidden mounting hardware for permanent attachment to stone, marble or granite memorials.

The smaller grave marker measures 2-1/4″ wide by 3-3/4″ high. The dimensions of the larger marker measure 3-1/2″ wide by 5-7/8″ high. Both markers are 1/4″ in depth. A actual size side-by-side comparison of both sizes of grave markers on an 8-1/2″ x 11″ sheet of paper is available by downloading this PDF. Please note that in order to accurately see the side-by-side comparison and exact sizes of each marker you should print the comparison page to paper making sure to choose the “Actual Size” and “Portrait” options in the Adobe Acrobat print dialogue.

The fully delivered cost of the smaller size grave marker is $154.00 paid to Classic Bronze Resources LLC plus a separate $10.00 processing/approval fee to be included and made payable to The National Huguenot Society when the application is submitted. The full delivered cost of the larger grave marker is $192.00 plus a separate $10.00 processing fee. After the application is approved by The National Huguenot Society the approved application form will be returned to the requester who will in turn send the approved form directly to the manufacturer together with full payment. The manufacturer will send the grave marker directly to the requester for installation on the intended memorial. Please contact The National Huguenot Society for additional information.

Full instructions for ordering a grave marker can be found on the application form.

Classic Bronze Resources LLC is a family-owned and operated company, and all their products are American made. The owner, himself a veteran, has been involved in the design and production of cast bronze plaques and organizational insignia for military, historic, civic and lineage groups since 1998. DAR, Colonial Dames XVII, and various police and fire departments are only some of the organizations they work with.